Why Use Superair?

Superair is a company that has been established for over 50 years. We use local pilots with over 80,000 combined hours agricultural experience and with over 100 years combined service to the Agricultural sector.

We have backup pilots and aircraft available with a fleet of 10 loading vehicles. A fully manned office and constant Radio Communication with all Pilots through UHF & VHF. We cover all of Northern New South Wales from the Coast to the Plain. We are friendly and have efficient service & competitive pricing, and we offer a complete aircraft maintenance operation complimenting our spreading operation

Turbine Aircraft

Superair is the only company using the New Zealand manufactured Cresco aircraft in Australia on agricultural operations

What are the benefits of using this aircraft?

  • Safer operation due to 750 horsepower turbine engine v’s 400 horsepower piston engine of a standard Fletcher aircraft.
  • Purpose built for fertilizer application
  • Better visibility due to wing placement and therefore more accurate spread
  • Constant airspeed across property especially in hill country, giving more accurate application rate
  • Quieter operation which gives less disturbance to stock and neighbours
  • More efficient aircraft carries up to 2 tonnes. This means having the fertilizer off the ground and onto the property more efficiently and in a shorter space of time.